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L&L Associates was founded in 1990, based on packaging industry experience indicating a need for an experienced, professional, impartial, credible source for packaging information, assistance and recommendations. Over 55 years of packaging industry experience with packaging equipment and materials manufacturers, copackers and private label manufacturers has provided L&L Associates' partners with substantial product knowledge and key industry contacts.

Packaging market analysis has determined that most information in the packaging industry is derived from brokers, sales representatives and distributors with specific products and services to sell for specific manufacturers. Unfortunately, those sources don't always have the correct solution to sell for all packaging projects and sometimes, because of self-interest, the wrong products are recommended.

As independent and impartial Packaging Consultants, L&L Associates works with all of the packaging industry manufacturers to provide the correct solutions to fit each and every individual packaging requirement. Client satisfaction has been our mission from the beginning.

L&L Associates' broad experience includes specialized applications in the following industries and markets:

  • Automotive

  • Beverage

  • Dairy

  • Electronics

  • Food

  • Hardware

  • Health & Beauty Aids

  • Household Products

  • Industrial

  • Meat & Poultry

  • Medical Devices

  • Personal Care

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Snack Foods

  • Sporting Goods

  • Stationery

  • Toiletries

as - so - ciate\ e 'so (h)e -, at\n

one associated with another: as a: Partner, Colleague b: Comrade adj: closely connected (as in function or office) with another vb: 1: to join as a relationship in any of various intangible ways

Synonym: L&L Associates

con - sul - tant\ ken -'selt - ent\n

one who gives professional advice or services: EXPERT

Synonym: L&L Associates

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