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When To Hire A Packaging Consultant

(As proposed by the Institute of Packaging Professionals)

1. When you need temporary assistance.

2. When you have a short-term business problem that is best solved by someone with specific packaging experience.

3. When you're looking for outside assistance to help identify new markets or strategies.

4. When you need independent advice and opinions.

5. When a short-term problem arises for which there is no "in-house" talent to address.

6. When the press of new business or deadlines creates a heavy, short-term workload for which you require experienced help to supplement the efforts of in-house staff.

7. When you feel the need to reinvigorate your operations with new ideas or new perspectives.

8. When you need to train or educate your staff in a new area of packaging.

9. When you require an expert witness in legal matters.

10. When you're creating a new operation or reorganizing an old one.

11. When you need outside help to resolve internal technical or managerial conflicts.

12. When you're looking for someone to perform a search for cost savings opportunities in operations or materials.

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